Untitled, 2023

Paintings, acrylic on plywood, 30 x 25 cm

Artistic research on invasive exotic species in Reykjavik (IS). 

Untitled, 2023

Installation with drawings with natural materials 230 x 100 cm each, multiple paintings on small sizes, acrylic on mdf, paper

How do I connect to nature? Too big a question. I can only explore this question through concrete stories and experiences. Research on nature and culture intertwining from a personal stance. 

Lupine, cycad and cloud (Build your own view), 2023

Installation with three shelves 230 x 25 cm each, multiple panes / frames 30 x 43 cm, oil on mdf, glass

Elements of research on lupine in Iceland and cycads in Kew Gardens are combined: the intertwining of nature and culture. The elements can be placed in different ways to create new images. How fluid is our perception?

Untitled (Landscape mimicy), 2022 

Series of paintings, acrylic on paper (100 x 150 cm) and wooden panel (42 x 60 cm)

Research on the (un)ability to engage  with the environment in Korpulfsstadir, Iceland. The window as connector between the inside and outside. Painting via mimicry of outdoor forces

Untitled (Woods cycad), 2021 -2022 

Series of paintings, oil paint on canvas

Woods cycad is in Kew Gardens since 1899. Found by the botanicus John Medley Wood in southern Africa. Nowadays considered the last one of his species. Nature and culture are intertwining.