Untitled (FLoral Hazard), 2020 

Series of paitings and drawings

photography: Nellie de Boer

The drawings are made with Alskan Lupin on site in Iceland. The lupin is an invasive exotic plant, introduced in the 40s to enrich the soil. Nowadays it thrives and demolishes other vegetation. Nature and culture intertwined.

Z.t. (Weesperplantsoen), 2019 

Series of seven paintings, oil paint on canvas

Selfportrait, 2019

Woollen rug, handmade by Textile Museum Tilburg, diameter 2 metres and a space of 8 x 4 metres 

A hard graphical image transformed into a soft and tactile rug and put in space. The image is a visualisation of my results of a psychological test on dimensions of relating to others. A contradiction in terms: rationalizing and deconstructing feeling?

Kennemerduinen, 2019

Three paintings, 30 x 30 cm, 60 x 60 cm, 60 x 80 cm, acrylic paint on canvas

Kennemerduinen: for most of us a sunny infinite dunescape. At the same time the place contains other narratives i.e.: nature as a commodity made for our convenience, nature as a place for murder in second World War. All is mirroring in the landscape, what is in the backdrop and what in the front?

Ysselsteyn, 2018

Five paintings, 50 x 60 cm each, acrylic paint on canvas

photography: Nellie de Boer

The German War Cemetery in Ysselsteyn is a controversial place in the Netherlands. All Nazis who died during World War II on Dutch soil were reburied here in the 1950s. Currently, the place is given a new meaning: initiatives of peace dialogue. Yet neo-Nazis still have commemorations here.